Friday, May 4, 2007

Part of Israeli society

Azmi Bishara was an Israeli parliament member until a few weeks ago, had resigned after spending almost a month out of Israel, and has not returned until now. About 20% of the population of Israel are not Jewish, most of them are Arab Muslims. This situation is not simple, since Israel is in war with most of the Arab countries, a situation that puts them in a big conflict. The Israeli Arabs or the Arab of 1948, that's how they like to call them selves, had suffered from this situation there integration in Israeli society wasn't easy, they have been discriminated threw out the history of the state of Israel, but things are getting a lot better as trust is being build. Last summer the Hezbollah opened war on Israel, most of the world had supported Israel when it had attacked the Hezbollah, even some of the Arab countries had understood Israel's response to the Hezbollah's aggression. This whose an opportunity for Israeli Arabs to join moderate Arab counties like Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia and condem terror, but instead they have decided to support Hezbollah, even though some the Hezbollah's rockets killed them, in doing thus they have destroyed trust, that a lot time had been needed to build it. They have failed in understanding the Jews in Israel.
The high light of all of this is the founding of former Parliament member,
Azmi Bishara of aiding the Hezbollah. Since the court has lifted the blackout on the issue Israeli Arabs have been claiming time and again that the Israeli security agents had framed him, this raises the question if Israel is a democratic open country with a serious judging system.
Last week a report on the war came out, it had criticized the prime minster, the minister of defense and the chief of staff. If the system is open enough so that you can criticize your prime minster, the I am sure that it is open enough that you can watch that people are not been framed.
Even though
Azmi Bishara had decided to live Israel, in doing so he proven for a lot of Israelis that he is guilty and has a lot to hide, Mr Bishara come back and prove that your innocent. For the rest of the Arab society in Israel, it's about time you dissed if you are a prat of the society here or not. Israel will always stay a Jewish state, the same as Arab countries are Muslim states, you can take it or live it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Admiration for death

A few days ago I was checking out blogs at MyBlogLog, looking for bloggers from Lebanon. My intention were sincere, I wanted to check out how are thing going in Beirut. I'm the war in the summer was not easy. I was prized to fined people who are still thinking that the war was good and that war is good, most of them admire the Hezbollah and Hassan Nasrallah. Instead of finding how things went so bad, and how to change it they laugh at Israel and the committee that check what went wrong at the summer of 2006.They think that if Ahud Olmert, the Israeli prime minster and Amir Perez , minster of defense will resign (which I really hope will happened) then that is the sing of our weakness, they are wrong seriously. Our strength comes from out ability to look inside in to our society, find out what's wrong and take care of it. I can't avoiding from asking my self, what will happened if tomorrow the Hezbollah will impose laws that are a costume in Iran. They will change the dressing code in Beirut, women will no longer be able to walk freely, S.M.S will be checked out and censorer, Western fashion will be outlawed. What will the Lebanese do the, the answer is easy nothing, what can you do against an extreme religious group. I found this pictures in flickr, I just wanted to tell that girl that when Hassan Nasrallah will rule Lebanon, and he won't stop until he will, you won't be able to ware that black undershirt that you wore in Jon's birthday, you probably won't be able to go to Jon's birthday. For the sake of both of us, Israels And Lebanese, I hope that the Hezbollah will lose some of it's power, that is the only way the Lebanese society and the Israelis will survive. I'm happy that the committees foundlings were severe, that is the only way to avoiding this situation again and it dose not make us weaker. This is the way of democratic societies, I only can wish the Lebanese that they will be able to enjoy it one day.